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Welcome to Creating Cooking and Kiddos!   I’m Racquel, a stay at home mom with an extensive background in interior home design.  I love baking & creating beautifully decorated treats, cooking new and unique recipes for the whole family,  designing and decorating on a budget with upcycled projects, and making kid and grown-up crafts.

Creating Cooking and Kiddos is a place for me to share with you.  I’ll be sharing recipes, photos of cakes and treats I make, how to’s, crafts, stories, links to some of my favorite blogs and favorite posts from amazing bloggers, deals and giveaways,  and so much more!

In the future,  you’ll be able to order crafty items and your special order baked goods right from my blog!

I hope you enjoy all I have to share and that you’ll follow along on my journey!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Our office hired this young lady to cater a social one afternoon. Wonderful flavors of appetizers and mini desserts! I’ve also had the privilege of eating her soups, cakes & cheesecakes – YUM!

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