Healthy Appetizer – Chicken Fajita Bites

I am am not sure how it happened but it seems as family we’ve decided that fajitas are just about our favorite food!  We’ve made just about every kind of  fajita and often make fajita seasoned chicken, pork, or steak and have over rice or even on a salad.  I’m always looking for more recipes that have the flavors of fajitas to try.

Recently I came across this great idea for a chicken fajita appetizer at

fajita filo bites 4

You can click here for the instructions!

These were so easy to make and absolutely delicious.  We had them on a Saturday night with a variety of other snacky type foods.  The kids love to have a “party” on Saturday nights with fun foods even if we aren’t entertaining company.  This is something we will definitely make again and will share next time we have guests!  You could also make this as an appetizer for a Mexican themed dinner party or even as a light meal.

I hope you try this out and enjoy it!

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