Breakfast – French Toast Wrapped…everything!


So, I’m not usually a big breakfast person.  As a kid, breakfast was typically a fairly basic thing in our house.  We’d have cereal or toast and on occasion something more.  Often if we were having something like a “big breakfast” (you know…pancakes, sausage, potatoes and such) it was as dinner rather than for breakfast.  As a teen and college student I fell into the habit of not eating breakfast at all.  Once I had kids of my own, we started somewhat of a tradition of having a really big breakfast on Sunday mornings.  Even if we are camping over the summer, big breakfast Sunday is a must in our family.  My kiddos look forward to this tradition and love helping in the kitchen Sunday mornings.

The problem with breakfast is that I’m not really a big pancake fan.  I have some homemade recipes I make for the family that they truly love but me, not so much.  I’ll have a taste or two but they aren’t my thing.  I love fried potatoes or sometimes we roast them for breakfast.  I love the sides like sausage or bacon but I’m always looking for something new to make with them.  Crepes are a family favorite as are breakfast burritos, breakfast pizza, breakfast sandwiches, and the occasional omelet.  When I saw these French Toast Wrapped Sausages on my friend Brett’s Blog, this mama loves, I knew right away that we’d be adding it to our list of favorites.  I’ve seen similar ideas with fruit filling but never with sausage!  We had to make it for dinner last night just to give it a try.  You’ll love her surprise ingredient too!  Click here for the link to the recipe and while you’re there, check out some of the other great things Brett has to share. Seriously great stuff!

I think you could really get creative with this concept and I plan to.  We’ll be trying this with other fillings as well.  French toast wrapped fruit or pie filling, french toast wrapped bacon, french toast wrapped everything!  We’ll even try this come summer over the campfire in our hobo pie makers!

Have you tried a similar recipe?  What’s your favorite breakfast recipe?

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