DIY Decorative Candles

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve been busy making many Valentine’s Day crafts in our house including some inexpensive but fun Decorative Candles. They are easy to create and there are so many different occasions that these would be perfect for!

DIY Decorative Candles

DIY Decorative Candles


  • inexpensive white candles
  • plain white tissue paper
  • plain white copy paper
  • wax paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • heat gun

DIY Decorative Candles


Cut a sheet of tissue paper no larger than the size of your candle.

Slip a piece of copy paper under the tissue paper.  This is extremely important.  It will keep the markers from bleeding on the tissue paper and from bleeding through to your work surface.

Draw or trace a design onto the tissue paper using markers.  This is where you can get really creative or let your kids get creative.

DIY Decorative Candles

You will be cutting away the excess paper that has not been drawn on.  With the X’s and O’s I cut each letter out individually.

DIY Decorative Candles

Place the tissue paper design against your candle.  Wrap a large piece of wax paper around the candle to hold the design firmly in place.

DIY Decorative Candles

Next use the heat gun to warm the area over the design.  You’ll want to wave it back and forth for about 30 seconds.  I watched for the wax coating to become shiny and moved on.

Carefully remove the wax paper from the candle to reveal your newly decorated surface!  The heat gun melts the surface of the candle and the tissue paper design is now sealed to the candle.

DIY Decorative Candles

These would be great gifts for Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day, for birthdays, or many other occasions.  My daughter is planning to make these with her friends at her birthday party.  They can make their own candle, decorated in their favorite colors and designs.  Imagine how creative they can be!

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